We Are Civon

Creativity . Innovation . Vision . Opportunity . Networking

Cutting Edge

Civon has a wealth of experience in all types of elevator modernizations. From simple  to complete systems.

Forward Thinking

At Civon we engage our cusomers and suggest the best options to fit there current situation, always focused on the end result.

Problem Solvers

We can solve your problem, and if it may be out of this world we will search the universe for the solution.

Customer Support

Support when you need it, no hassle just call and we will facilitate you according to your requests.


CIVON Multi-Services Limited is a new and dynamic company with the goal of offering quality service at an exceptional value. Our core business is preventative maintenance and repairs of all types of elevator & escalator equipment. We also offer the sale of new systems, modernization of existing equipment and consultancy on elevator related projects and supply of parts.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team are fully committed to our single greatest priority: 100% customer satisfaction or as close as possible. The Owner is an entrepreneur with over 12 year’s management experience in the industry and a further 5 years’ experience in the technical aspect of the business. The technical team has over 25years combined experience with all the major brands in the country.

At present this concept of maintaining various types of equipment is still new and has been attempted by other companies, however they have neglected the main aim which was to provide a better quality of service to all customers and this is what will truly differentiate CIVON from any other company. For far too long customers have become frustrated with the level of service provided by the various companies operating in the market with no form of proper redress until now. We at CIVON Multi-Services Limited are committed to delivering an improved quality in preventative maintenance utilizing innovative technology coupled with international Maintenance Control Programs (MCP) which inputs actual onsite conditions and constructs the best possible approaches to each individual project. This sets us far beyond what is currently offered, therefore delivering a higher quality at a very competitive cost

Whether an elevator is newly installed, or operational for years, a significant amount of capital investment goes into lifting equipment and as such it should be maintained at the highest level.