Why Modernize My Elevator?

Though a well-maintained elevator may last 20 or more years, eventually you will need to upgrade your major components or completely modernize your device. With careful planning, modernizing your elevator can be a strategic capital investment instead of an emergency situation.

Modernization Considerations


  • Is your elevator near or beyond its expected life (built in the 1980s or earlier)? Most elevators that were built before 1980 have many safety systems missing, such as protection devices, redundancy circuits, lock monitoring capability, and fire service systems.
  • Does your elevator meet current safety and fire codes?
  • Does the reliability of the device and the consequence of failure pose an unacceptable safety and liability risk?

Efficiency of Operations

  • Is it getting difficult or expensive to find spare parts for your device? Or is it hard to find technicians who can properly repair and maintain it?
  • Has the number and expense of service calls increased over the past 12 months?
  • Is the performance of your unit unacceptable? Will repairs or replacing components not lead to acceptable performance?
  • Is your controller technology out of date? Upgrading from a relay-logic system to a computerized controller can decrease wait times by 10-15%.


  • Will upgrading to a newer elevator significantly reduce your energy costs?
  • Will the short-term costs to refurbish parts exceed the life cycle cost of complete replacement?

Tenant Satisfaction and Safety

  • Does the condition of your elevator deter potential tenants from moving into your building?
  • Are tenants frustrated by the length of time they wait for an elevator, or by the frequency of break-downs, causing them to consider relocating?
  • Are elevator malfunctions causing potential safety issues?

An experienced CIVON technician can perform a complete pre-modernization evaluation of your unit to determine if it’s time to upgrade your components or plan for a complete modernization. We can assess the condition of your components and systems. And we can measure things like how long your tenants are waiting for elevators.

CIVON has the solution that you are looking for.


Full Modernization Services

CIVON Multi-Services Ltd. continues to be a leader in modernization in the elevator industry. When a client replaces an elevator they receive:

  • A custom modernization that meets the exact operational conditions of the existing building.
  • The backing of our affiliate partners gives us the benefit 45+ years of elevator industry experience working on all styles of elevating devices, with hundreds of completed modernizations on numerous designs and models.
  • An efficient installation timeline that helps reduce tenant anxiety over temporarily shutting the elevator down.

All projects meet current TSSA-enforced CSA B44 elevator codes and implement the best safety designs available. Using the advanced technology of Variable Voltage/Variable Frequency (VVVF) controllers and motors lowers owners’ energy costs and liability exposure due to safety issues.

Types of Upgrades

  • Cab Upgrades
  • Door Operator Upgrades
  • Fixture Upgrades
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement
  • Hydraulic Pumping Unit Replacement
  • Controller Replacement
  • Machine Replacement

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Sefety Control Devices


During a power failure or blackout, there’s nothing more frightening than the helpless feeling of being trapped in an elevator. Fear, panic-NEVER AGAIN!! Into a world of advanced technology comes RESCUVATOR.

Power out – Rescuvator on

  1. Automatically activates during power loss.
  2. Supplies power for rescue operation.
  3. Causes car to descend quickly and smoothly to lowest landing.
  4. Keeps doors closed until proper floor level is reached.
  5. Automatically opens doors at lowest landing.
  6. Safely shuts down elevator until normal power is restored.
  7. Automatically resets for future emergencies.
  8. Differentiates between actual power failure and manual operation of elevator disconnect switch.

Product Description Standard Features

  • DC gearless or geared up to 1400 FPM
  • AC Gearless or geared up to 1200 FPM
  • Hydraulic
  • Up to 60 floors
  • Simplex to 8 car groups
    • No separate group cabinet
  • Code Compliant
    • ASME A17.1-2007 and B44.1
    • CSA approved – Cert # LR 112009-1
    • TSSA Certification
    • California certification
    • EN-12016 Noise Immunity
  • Non-Proprietary Design
    • Built in Diagnostics
      • Trobleshooting
      • Parameter adjustment
    • Free technical support
    • Free training
  • Advanced microprocessor control
    • Program in compact flash card
    • Artificial intelligence for true time based dispatching & smart parking
  • True distance/velocity based speed Curves on DF control systems
  • Password protected at several levels
  • Fixture voltage 24 VAC or 120 VAC
  • Custom wiring diagrams
  • LED indications for all I/O’
  • All I/O’s are optically isolated
  • All IC’s are socketed
  • Silk screened labels for components and terminals

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CIVON has the solution that you are looking for.