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Preventative Maintenance & Repiars

CIVON Multi-Services Ltd. approaches elevator maintenance by looking at the long term benefit of the client. To do so, one needs to focus on preventative maintenance which includes regular on-site visits on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the type of elevator being serviced.

With a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan in place, delivered by a reputable company, most elevators can be in service for more than 25 years before requiring major modernizations.

There are a number of benefits to having regular on-site preventative maintenance:

  • There is higher reliability of the elevators as issues can often be found proactively thus avoiding potential shut-downs.
  • The service life of the elevator can be significantly extended by replacing or repairing parts before they cause wear on other components; good preventative maintenance can extend the life of elevator equipment by 10 years or more.
  • From a financial perspective, owners are often able to avoid unplanned repairs due to improper maintenance.
  • The chart below “Elevator Life Cycle Planning” illustrates the significant savings that can be realized if a high quality preventative maintenance program is adopted for your elevators.

CIVON Multi-Services Limited Safety Policy


Obligations & Responsibilies

CIVON Multi-Services Limited warrants that it will exercise skill, care and diligence in the performance of all works in accordance with good industry practices and in accordance with applicable law and to the standards expected of an experienced contractor/s, qualified and skilled in performing similar work and to a standard of workmanship stipulated in the specification and contract documents.

We shall take every reasonable precaution to ensure that its entire staff be efficient, sober and honest. CIVON Multi-Services Limited shall ensure that all statutory provisions affecting the works, for which we are responsible, be carried out and that the conduct of our staff, while on or in the vicinity of the company’s premises shall not breach any of the client’s rules and regulations.

We are committed to ensuring we comply with the OSH Act of Trinidad and Tobago and other applicable Codes of Practice as far as possible.

Application of this policy

We seek the co-operation of all workers, customers and other stakeholders. We encourage suggestions which can assist in us enhancing our services provided. We seek to continue improving our health and safety objectives, continuing our 100% accident free environment. This policy applies to all business operations and functions.